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For a sustainable future.

What is Green Steel?

Whether in transportation, infrastructure, energy, mechanical engineering or automotive, steel has been one of the most important materials for centuries. Not least because steel is the only material that is 100% recyclable, making it a prime example of a circular economy.

green steel in nature

Our Green Steel production

Processing 2 million tons of steel scrap per year makes us a relevant recycling company in our production countries. Our Swiss Green Steel is produced by recycling steel scrap and reprocessing it using low carbon and renewable energy. Thanks to our expertise in recycling, electric arc furnace technology and the highest operating standards, we have been able to reduce the carbon footprint of our products to well below the industry average.

Our portfolio
Green Steel Circular Economy

Making the world more sustainable every day

Steel is used in all aspects of our lives – whether we are aware of it or not. Making steel green means making our daily life more sustainable. Watch the video to find out how we are already contributing to a greener world today and what our vision for the future looks like.

We strive to further reduce our environmental footprint – until the Swiss Steel Group name stands for climate-neutral steel.

We saved


tons of CO₂ in 2022 compared to industry average emissions

This number is an average and changes every minute. Industry average: 1.89t CO2/t crude steel cast. Source: World Steel Association Sustainability Indicators 2021

Our service for more sustainability

We offer a range of green steel products to address the needs of our customers. We facilitate trust by providing sustainable products with a fully transparent carbon footprint. By reporting the total product carbon footprint of individual products, we allow customers to fully assess and control their upstream emissions. Swiss Steel Group sustainability specialists can provide support and consulting services to determine which of our products is the best fit to meet individual needs and decarbonization goals. In addition to producing green steel with a carbon footprint below the industry average, we also offer products that require no additional heat treatment, helping our customers to reduce their own direct emissions.

Applications for Green Steel

Our Green Steel is used by a wide range of customers in various industries. From automotive to wind parks, watches and much more. We offer customized solutions and therefore help shape many industries on the road to more sustainability.

Applications in detail
Green Steel Application Railway
Whitepaper on Green Steel (EN version)
SSG Emissions Reporting Principles
DNV Assurance Statement 2022

Pioneering a sustainable future

Producing green steel is what we do best to help shape a sustainable future. We strive to become a global leader for green steel by reducing our environmental footprint and empower all our customers with high-quality sustainable products and fully transparent carbon reporting.

Our mission
Green Building

Winner of the German Sustainability Award

The German Sustainability Award (GSA) recognizes groundbreaking steps towards a sustainable future and is one of the most prestigious awards of its kind in Europe. Swiss Steel Group won the 2023 German Sustainability Award in the metal industry category against extremely strong competition. "We are overwhelmed and honored to have been selected as the winner of the German Sustainability Award by the top-class jury. This is a lasting testament to our ongoing commitment to decarbonization and our vision of an environmentally friendly future in the steel industry," said Frank Koch, CEO of Swiss Steel Group.