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Our mission

We strive for a green future

Steel production accounts for 8% of global emissions. Steel impacts our daily lives in so many ways that we at Swiss Steel Group consider it our duty to help shape a better, greener, and more sustainable world. We have set ourselves ambitious goals because we feel it is our responsibility to leave a world with a future for the generations of tomorrow.

Our goals

We are amongst the leading providers of steel with a low carbon footprint. But it’s just not enough. We will continue our pioneering efforts in the decarbonization of the steel industry. By growing the share of wind and hydropower, we will further lower the carbon footprint of our products, and we will continue our research on the effect of hydrogen in furnaces to prepare our production process for the transition from natural gas to green hydrogen. We aim to further reduce our environmental footprint by following a holistic roadmap – until the Swiss Steel Group name stands for climate-neutral steel.

Swiss Steel Group has committed to follow the Science-Based Targets initiative and will reduce its environmental footprint by 42% within the next 10 years. We will contribute to slowing global warming.

Green Waterfall Hot Steel
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Shaping the future

With sustainable steel production as part of our DNA, Swiss Steel Group is a champion of green steel. Precisely conducted life cycle assessments (LCAs) allow us to quantify the upstream and downstream emissions of our steels over their entire life cycle. This lays the foundation for reducing our environmental impact even further in the future. We continue to work on our improvement. It is our vision to make the world better, safer, more efficient and more sustainable with our products. We dedicate our innovative strength to developing products and processes for a better tomorrow.

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